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Gay? No Xbox Live for you!

4f6cef875973d35084109a823efacf4aHello there.

Are you gay or lesbian? Like to play on XBox Live?

If so, then STFU (apparently).
Turns out, mentioning that you’re gay or lesbian is enough to get you banned from XBLA. Saying that you’re not gay is OK, and it seems as though declaring your straightness is acceptable, but if you happen to mention a sexual preference other than that, you’re fucked.

Sexual orientation is a sensitive issue, sure, and I can understand that Microsoft wants to put a lid on it on their networks. But how about doing something about the actual problem – ban the people who act like dickheads when someone mentions a sexual preference other than straight.

I’m tempted to go on XBLA and start reporting people who say that they’re not gay. “OMG that person just totally hinted at their sexuality! I’m personally offended by this! Burn, heretic!”