Joel Eklund is a composer and sound designer, with a keen interest in both indie gaming and the bigger business of games.

He currently enjoys cake, even though it’ a lie.
For a music demo or other questions, please e-mail him at warpedeye @ gmail dot com.


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  1. December 2, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    Dear Joel,

    Wolfire has more exciting development news to share. Please skim over our recent news and post the press release included at the bottom of this email. We’re still not ready for previews but if you’d like special access to Overgrowth Alpha builds please contact me. Also please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Wolfire or Overgrowth. We are always eager for interview opportunities.

    Thank you very much.

    John Graham
    Wolfire Games
    AIM/Skype: wolfirejohn

    Wolfire News Updates (more info at:

    Wolfire Releases a new Alpha
    – New sky
    – Sweet terrain shadows
    – Higher detail terrain
    – Ambient occlusion
    – More objects, including new rocks, a “Joshua tree”, and a small bush.
    – Instead of a single floating cube, there is now a nice little scene Aubrey whipped up using Phillip’s editor.

    Major Blog Posts
    Initial Glimpse at Overgrowth’s Procedural Animation
    Watch the animation system develop from simple to complex.

    David Rosen Makes His Design Tour Debut
    Succinct demonstration of World of Goo is well received.

    Trial Pay Gives Boost to Overgrowth Preorders
    Fans leap at opportunity to preorder Overgrowth for free.

    Tree Asset Brings Life to Overgrowth’s Deserts
    Aubrey styles new asset after real world desert trees.

    Ambient Occlusion Adds Realism
    Indirect lighting is now accounted for in the Phoenix Engine.

    Overgrowth’s Terrain Nears Completion as Animation Work Begins

    Because Overgrowth’s gameplay will occur almost entirely in outdoor settings, the Wolfire team has made terrain their recent priority. After achieving realistic terrain coloring in the Phoenix Engine, Wolfire decided to put the same care into terrain lighting effects. In addition to adding high-detail terrain shadows from direct sunlight (, the engine now also accounts for ambient lighting and occlusion ( Combined these effects have resulted in surprisingly realistic environments.

    Aware that Overgrowth fans can not be satisfied by terrain alone, Wolfire lead programmer, David Rosen, also made time to demonstrate his initial work on Overgrowth’s procedural animation system ( Though the animation system is still in early development, fans were glad to finally see a character model hopping around on the terrain.



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