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Sound excursions

Since a couple of months ago I’ve tried to go on a sound excursion each week, with a clear recording goal in mind. Here are a couple of them so far:

Photo studio

3624890826_5d76b25ae5An aquaintance of mine works as a photographer with his own studio. We spent a couple of hours recording all sorts of varied gear: camera clicks, shutters, flashes loading, the hum of studio lights, metal lamp screens and more. One of the highlights was an old collectible camera that his colleague had, a Yashica-Mat 124. It made beautiful, old-school style gear sounds when being used.

The Zoo

SKANSEN-AKVARIET_450x300Went to Skansen Zoo in Stockholm to record different animals. I had visited a couple of weeks earlier, and the warthogs had made these wonderful guttural sounds. No such luck this day though.
In fact, the entire day was somewhat of a failure, partly due to the horrible flocks of children and families destined to ruin the day. I recorded a couple of goats, a cow breathing into the microphone, and a perturbed pigeon, but that’s it. The owls were silent, the warthogs had an annoying sprinkler installed in their area and the bears were silent (but cute).

Gun handling

gunporn-sig210-6It turns out that a friend of mine is into shooting competitions, owning three guns himself. We met up in his apartment and recorded a Glock 19, a SIG P210 and a Feinwerkbau AW93. We got some great recordings from all three guns, but the all-metal SIG P210 definitely had the most beautiful sounds.
We have a trip to the shooting range planned in a couple of weeks, hoping to get some good recordings of shots being fired.



Yeah, rocks. More specifically falling rocks, in large quantities and sizes. Me and a friend of mine headed to an open construction site where they had demolished a large building a couple of months earlier. The entire building was still there, broken up into rocky chunks and put into a huge (15m high) pile. We spent a couple of hours recording rock hits, rocks tumbling, rock falls and avalanches and the like. A lot of really good takes, though I still haven’t taken the time to cut up the recordings.

I’ll try to write about future excursions as well.