Industry buyouts


With the economic crisis in full swing, forcing many developers to shut their doors, strange opportunities and business deals arise.

A bit surprising was that Crytek bought Time Splitters and Haze developer Free Radical, once the English studio had shut its doors last December. It does makes sense though, since Crytek is slowly but surely expanding their studio count and at the same time has their eyes set on consoles.

And now Sqare Enix (Squeenix) is eyeing western developer/publisher Eidos.
While surprising, it actually makes sense. The Japanese studio has had quite a few hits in Western territories, but Japan has always been their strongest market. With the Japanese market in decline and Western games becoming more popular among Japanese gamers, Square Enix would gain a lot by focusing on a more international appeal.
And what better way to get a head start than by grabbing a western developer/studio, full of experience and recognizable IP’s?

(Just so long as the next Deus Ex doesn’t have giant swords and spiky hair…)


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