Fallout 3 ost

So Fallout 3 is now out, and I should get my collector’s edition in a couple of days. I’d kill for that lunch box and the bobble-head Pip-Boy. Fortunately, I don’t have to.
Unfortunately, I won’t have time to play it for a while.

Inon Zur is doing the soundtrack. He’s done a lot of excellent work, and is currently among the top composers in the business. He is also excellent at adapting his compositions to the project at hand, one of the most importants aspects.
Plus, he has an awesome name.

I’m worried though. The Fallout franchise is very dear to me. The music from the first two games are among my absolute favorites, mainly because Mark Morgan’s work was so different. With the current trend in bombastic symphony scores, I’m worried that the worn, torn, gritty feel of the game will be accompanied by strings, horn, some semi-exotic solo instrument and percussion. I know that Zur will put much more effort into it than that, but still.
I want music that sounded as if it was made in that broken world, where the last Stradivarius turned to radioactive dust some 50 years ago and the closest you get to an orchestra are a band of mutants with electric wires, car hoods and too much spare time on their hands.

Then again, this is Bethesda’s vision of Fallout, not Black Isle’s. I have no doubt that Zur’s music will be a permanent part of my iPod.

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